About Anya

Anya Tyutyunik is a natural born healer, intuitive teacher and an every day priestess. She gives her full heart’s attention to living a purposeful life and educating women from across many cultures.

Not only a highly skilled and respected acupuncture practitioner, Anya is also a lifelong plant medicine healer and gifted herbalist.

Her daily practices reflect living fully thorough a meaningful connection to the elements of nature. Her focus is and remains on treating each client as a valued and meaningful relationship, designed to bring about balance and well-being.

Anya’s spiritual practices and teachings support the foundation of her beliefs; the unequivocal healing power of mother Earth and the magic of reciprocity in all things.

For 20 years  she has facilitated women’s circles inspiring every day women to recognize their own intrinsic magic and inner wisdom. She encourages participants to follow their hearts, to relearn the need of self-honesty and to offer back a gentle kindness to themselves and their circle of influence.

Anya educates women to experience the sacredness of their being so they may share their light and insights with others in their life and community at large.

Anya believes that when women recognize their own light, their own sacredness and their own magic hearts, these women will become priestess’ of the Mother Earth temple. This rebirthing transformation brings about a natural healing energy state.

The Women’s Healing Conference, an annual event in Northern California, was created to birth hundreds of healers every year, to share an ongoing healing magic between women sisters, one heart connecting at a time.

Anya looks forward to connect with you.
Please visit her website: AnyasPractice.com

Wise Healing Ways of Herbal Medicine

World Massage Techniques Workshops

Learn effective ways of bodywork from around the globe,
authentic medicines that have worked for centuries.

April 2 ~ Siberian Honey Massage
Most powerful lymphatic drainage massage

April 9 ~ Asian Gua-Sha
Ancient scraping massage used to move stuck energy, blood, emotion and the best chronic pain treatment

April 16 ~ Mexican Rebozo (swaddling) Massage
An ancient deeply relaxing and nourishing technique that helps relieve back and neck pain, relax joints, release tension and activate stagnant energy in the body. Rebozo session is presented by friends from Postpartum Sealing Ceremony, Taya Shopen and Leysan Fatykhova-Villasenor

Mondays 6-8 pm  $120 for all 3 sessions or $50 per each individual session. Register on Anya’s website: www.anyaspractice.com 

March 3 ~ Obsidian Egg & Female Vitality Practices
with Ayah Buonaugurio
The Obsidian Yoni Egg is a therapeutic tool to heal trauma, ancestral patterns & memories of the female genital tract. It can alleviate cysts, fibroid, herpes, vaginal infections, as well as menstrual pain. It is a way to connect with healthy yin energy and lunar cycles.

10am-3pm (organic lunch included)
Fee: $100 (obsidian egg included $60 value)

anyaspractice@yahoo.com • 917.204.2360
for details visit: www.anyaspractice.com