Ayah Buonaugurio

Ayah has been teaching Hatha Yoga, as well as facilitating woman's empowerment circles, ceremonial arts and sacred dances for over 12 years. Certified Yoga Instructor RYA, Initiated minister through the Fellowship of Isis as well as Minister of ONACS (Native American Church).  Ayah has creatively infused a lifelong path of apprenticing in healing and ceremonial arts into her passion for therapeutic movement and health. She helps others develop a practice that suites their individual lifestyle needs while inspiring creative expression, strong inner body awareness, and connection to Spirit. She has been honored for her invitation and vision to create ceremonial dances in sacred sites. Ayah has completed 350hrs Thai Massage & Integrative Wellness therapies and currently has a strong healing practices in Marin, California. You can discover more about her specific services at: divinehealingmovement.com and www.obsidianwomb.com

Workshops with Ayah Buonaugurio

2018 •  2017