Luzia was born Jewish, raised a Humanist and has practiced Buddhist meditation most of her life. She has participated in Native American ceremonies for 23 years and been a follower of Mother Ammachi for 20 years. In 1987 she was enchanted by the Queen of the Forest and initiated into the church of the Santo Daime in 1989. She lived extensively in the Brazilian rainforest and studied/practiced herbal medicine, energetic healing spirit work, mediumship, and sacraments practiced there.

Luzia is a pastoral counselor specializing in Bio-energetic Analysis. She works with individuals, couples, and groups on a long and short term basis and is the leader of various workshops. She is gifted at getting to the core issues and guiding people through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of these tensions. She believes in resolution through revelation, the benefits of deep study, and an environment of support and nuturance for the emerging Self.

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Workshop with Luzia