Mini Sessions 2018

Interested in teaching a class or offering a mini-healing session? Find out more here.

Free Mini-Healing Session Providers May 5, 2018

The following practitioners will provide complimentary 15-minute mini-healing sessions during lunchtime from about 12:30-2:30pm in our outdoor village. Sessions are available only on a first-come first-served basis, and according to practitioner availability. You can add your name to the mini-healing session sign-up sheets at the Registration Desk. Please limit your sign-ups to give opportunity to more women to receive sessions.

Click on the provider's image to go to her website or email her.

Chinese Pulse Reading and Acupressure
Experience over 5000 years of healing wisdom with Dr. Zhou's free Chinese Pulse Reading and Acupressure demos, plus she will offer discounted computer energy balance test and much more. Dr. Zhou's work brings tremendous value to your health and well being. She has been in practice for over 35 years and has conducted over 30000 successful sessions. After the conference, Dr. Zhou runs the Eternal Health Acupuncture Wellness Center in Saratoga CA can be reached at
Relaxation Roll Out
Receive a mini-healing session using yoga therapy balls. Balls will be provided and will be available for purchase. This is a wonderful self care tool that you can carry with you anywhere. Dana will provide a relaxing slow paced workout using therapy balls to target pain & relieve stress & tension in the body. Dana is a nurse, acupuncturist, Reiki Master & integrative nurse coach.
Bay Area Women's Collective - Deep Connection & Self-Care Practices
Lisa has experience of leading women's circles for 3 years. She comes with many years of self-exploration through plant medicine, expressive arts, meditation, and movement. Lisa values community, connection, and self-care nourishment of being together with women. She is in her first year of a Master's of Social Work program, and uses a strengths-based, integrative, narrative approaches in her work. Join these mini-sessions with 2-4 other women and we'll be participating in a few delicious exercises. You'll leave feeling nourished, connected, and full of love! Email Lisa:
Verde Touch
Revital is passionate about providing you with nurturing and effective healing touch. She skillfully weaves together efficient technique with unwavering presence into deep yet sensitive touch. Her profoundly intuitive style is able to meet every individual’s needs – from relaxation to pain management and beyond. Her approach is designed to awaken your innate healing ability and support you in cultivating health, joy and calm. She elegantly dances with the flow of energy to give you exactly what you want, every single time. To make an appointment with Revital after the conference, go to
Wholistic Massage and Bodywork, Intuitive Energy Healing
Through skilled and compassionate touch, my work is both deeply relaxing and therapeutic, freeing you of pain and chronic tension to feel lighter, more balanced, integrated, and at home in your precious body. She is part of a Wellness Team at Breathe Together Yoga. Book an appointment with Dara:
Massage and Energy Work
I offer Swedish Massage and polarity energy balancing therapy, which works with our 5 major meridians and gets our life force flowing towards our highest good. Email lisa:
Verde Touch
Nadya is a deeply intuitive massage therapist who will adapt her mothering, nurturing style of Esalen massage to suit your needs and help your body to relax and heal. Having experienced motherhood herself, she is especially sensitive to the changing needs of a woman's body, both prenatal and postnatal. She is studying Cranial Sacral and brings that into her work as well. Her unique style combines deep effective body work, patience, energy, trust and presence, which allows her clients to open up and achieve true relaxation. She will provide a totally customized massage experience that is effective, long-lasting and nurturing. To make an appointment with Nadya after the conference, go to
Healing Touch: Inspiring presence and deeper connection
Kailani Shakti practices intuitive energy bodywork that encompasses her passion of embodied meditation, Reiki healing, Tantric connection and her gift of giving touch that heals. This healing modality helps a person’s nervous system to unwind and settle back into its original state of peace and ease. Healing Touch enables receivers to open up from a place of trust and permission. In this mini session you will be lovingly held, soothed and gently touched, the way a little baby is held by mother. ~
Guild-Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner
The Feldenkrais Method is a form of somatic education that helps us learn to move and move to learn. It's a powerful tool for people who want to improve their ability to move and act with grace.