All banner photos by Stevie Abrams unless otherwise noted
Women's Healing Village
9th Annual Conference • Courageous Heart
May 2, 2020 • 8:30 am to 6:30 pm
Hidden Villa Farm, Los Altos Hills CA

All banner photos by Stevie Abrams unless otherwise noted

Women's Healing Village
9th Annual Conference • Courageous Heart
May 2, 2020 • 8:30 am to 6:30 pm
Hidden Villa Farm, Los Altos Hills CA

Dear Sisters - We are full of Gratitude for this Community. Thank you for filling our 2011-2019 conferences with love and sunshine. Thank you for bringing your daughters so they may learn how wonderful it is to be a Woman. We Love You All and so look forward to being with you on 5/4/19!

“The whole event was full of grace, joy, beauty and healing.”

Women tell us that this conference is powerfully healing, inspiring and life-changing. Join us for The Women’s Healing Village. Yes, we will create a beautiful village of abundance, wisdom and beauty WITH YOU! There is so much talent to be celebrated in Our Community. 5/4/19 Women's Healing Village: 9th Annual Conference Tickets are now available for purchase.

Conference Format:

  • Plan to arrive by latest 9:30am to participate in the Opening Healing Ceremony which sets the tone for our day together and helps you to connect with yourself, this community, Mother Earth and the Greater Web of Life.
  • Workshops All-Day, including Opening Community Healing Ceremony, Indigenous Health & Wisdom, Sound Medicine, Music, Dance, Craft-Making, Closing Community Healing Ritual. View the 2019 Village Schedule & Workshops.
  • Lunchtime Mini-Healing Sessions and Marketplace.
  • Conference Participants are welcome to bring some handmade creations to share, trade or sell during our informal lunchtime marketplace.
  • If in addition to being a participant you’d like to CO-CREATE the VILLAGE with us by teaching a class or offering a lunchtime complimentary mini-healing session, click here.
  • We are so grateful to our SPONSORS. This event could not happen without you! VENDORS: to sell products all-day, you will register as a Sponsor. Please Note:this is a healing-focused experience versus a heavily commercially-focused event. Sponsors and Vendors, please contact Olga, our Sponsorship Coordinator.

“Thank you so much for organizing the wonderful conference! It was beautiful! I feel so rested, happy and nourished. Thank you for creating and holding such a deeply nourishing feminine space.”

Our intention is to enjoy and expand our community of talented resources, learn from each other and delight in our shared gifts. We hope to inspire and stir your interest to continue raising the quality of your health to the next level through a variety of alternative practices.

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Thank you for your participation and support!


photo by Stevie Abrams

PLEASE NOTE: This event takes place mostly outdoors and is a RAIN or SHINE event.

In Sisterhood We Gather
to Co-Create a VILLAGE Full
of Shared  Abundance & Wisdom
to Celebrate  Earth & Spring

BRING Your Talents, Sisters, Daughters
Enjoy Healthy Nourishing Empowering
Indigenous Healing, Crafts
Music & Dance Medicine
Herbs Foods Teachings

FULL of Community-Led
Offerings & Classes

With Love,