Please check back as we update our 2020 teachers and healers.
Interested in teaching a class or offering a mini-healing session for our 2020 conference? Find out more here.

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Workshop descriptions will be posted on the schedule page, where you will also find the time of each workshop as the conference draws near.

Making Strong Sweet Medicine
Alchemizing Emotion Into Song
Vocal Revival — Community Song Circle...
Herb Walk
Intro to the Obsidian Yoni Egg...
Foundations of Yoga and Sound Bath
Be Healthy! Prevent & Heal Body Problems
Dance, Breathe, Listen
I Return To Myself
5 Sense Bundles
Mayan Uterine Care
Listening Within...Meditation and Intuition
Holistic Facial Massage Techniques
Embodying Shakti: Feminine Fire Within
Integrative Medicine is Good Medicine