Deanna Anderson

Deanna Anderson holds a BFA in Dance, is certified to teach Action Theater and is a registered Somatic Movement Therapist (RSMT) and Educator (RSME) with over 30 years experience in movement health, dance, and physical theater. She researched and studied dance and culture at Escuela De Arte in Havana, Cuba, performed with Brazilian Dance masters Lais and Clyde Morgan and with Duende Flamenco Dance Company in Chicago. Deanna has received numerous grants for delivering educational and performance project to diverse populations. She currently teaches Cultural and Afro/Cuban Dance classes at Stanford University, has a private Somatic Movement practice and delivers expressive arts programs to youth in residential settings and women who are incarcerated .Deanna is committed to helping people open to the mystery and miracle of their bodies.

To learn more about Deanne’s work, please visit and contact her at Join Deanna on 5/5/18 at her Village Beat Dance Class.

Workshop with Deanna Anderson